Where is the food formulated and produced or manufactured?

Not only do we believe in telling you what goes into our products, we believe you should know where they come from. That’s why on each OPEN PADDOCK product there is a certified Australian made logo with the % of ingredients sourced from Australia to help you can make an informed choice.

What is bone broth and how can you use it?

Bone broth is a deliciously tasty stock made by simmering animal bones and connective tissue. Using acid, such as vinegar, breaks down the collagen and connective tissue. This leaves you with a tasty, nutritious liquid which can be used to elevate your dog’s bowl. We combine slow cooked responsibly sourced protein with apple cider vinegar to extract maximum flavour and concentrated goodness. An excellent source of hydration.

It can be served in the bowl as a hearty drink on its own, poured over kibble for a tasty boost or frozen into ice cubes for a delicious cool treat in summer.

What is the benefit of the air-dried meat pieces in your kibble?

The Kibble+ range has real chunks of air-dried meat for bite and taste, to elevate your dog’s meal. Kibble+ is a complete and balanced meal with the inclusion of meat pieces which has been gently air dried in small batches in our kitchens in the pristine Murray region. The resulting meat pieces are highly nutritious, in combination with a premium kibble, offers an amazing combo that dogs love!

Can I feed the Kibble+ to my puppy?

OPEN PADDOCK is formulated for all life stages including growth (puppy). So can be fed as a complete and balanced food from puppy through to adult and senior life stages.

Is there any rawhide in OPEN PADDOCK treats?

No, we pride ourselves on creating safe products for our pets. We use a minimally processed whole hide (skins) that comes from beef and kangaroo. During minimal manufacturing, the whole hides (skins) are de-haired, washed and air dried, thus ensuring collagen, fat protein and gelatine all remain providing a safer and more nutritious chew. Rawhides are the by-products of the leather industry and are not very digestible and carry significant risk of containing harmful chemicals. OPEN PADDOCK Natural Skin chews are >85% digestible.

How many treats can I feed my dog?

Treats are complementary food only, not a complete and balanced meal. Remember treats should not make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake. If you are feeding treats, please remember to adjust their feeding accordingly for other meals.

Do I need to refrigerate the bone broth if it is unopened?

To maintain freshness, reseal the pouch with the lid after opening and refrigerate for up to 7 days, or you can freeze it for up to 24 months (unopened) or freeze it opened (in ice cubes/icy poles) for up to 6 months.

Can I put the bone broth in the microwave?

We recommend to feed either room temperature, fresh out of the refrigerator or frozen as a treat. We do not recommend heating the bone broth in the microwave.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Minimising the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill is an important initiative that we take seriously. All OPEN PADDOCK™ bags can be recycled by returning them to the REDcycle soft plastics collection bins outside Woolworths stores. By returning your soft plastics to REDcycle, they could be turned into items like benches or fences. To find out more visit Redcycle. Please refer to the Australian Recycling Label (ARL) logos that appear on each product for more information on how to dispose of packaging. When we dispose of our waste correctly, we keep contamination out of the recycling stream and recyclable material away from landfill.

How much should I feed my dog?

Each product has a feeding guide printed on the pack. This provide a guide to how much should be fed per day.
It’s been scientifically proven that finding and maintaining your dog’s ideal weight can significantly extend your pet’s life. The body condition score can help you assess and adjust the amount you feed your dog to help keep them lean and healthy. For further advice please consult your vet.

How should I transition my dog from current food to OPEN PADDOCK dog food?

Lots of dogs are not fussy eaters and can switch straight away. However, if they’ve been eating the same food for months or years then suddenly switching can be a shock!
To allow their gastrointestinal system to adapt to the new food, we recommend transitioning from their old food to OPEN PADDOCK™ by gradually changing it over 5-7 days. To do this, we recommend changing the portion from old to new by 25% each day.

Day 1: 75% old food and 25% OPEN PADDOCK™
Day 2-3: 50% old food and 50% OPEN PADDOCK™
Day 4-5: 25% old food and 75% OPEN PADDOCK™
Day 6: 100% OPEN PADDOCK™

Why did you choose pasture-raised?

The health and welfare of our pets is of utmost importance to the OPEN PADDOCK brand and why we expertly craft recipes tailed to suit the needs of dogs. Equally important is the treatment and care of the meat protein sources we use. Providing an environment where our beef source roamed and grazed in its natural environment is essential to us, and if in the case of extreme conditions – such as drought or floods, which our Australian climate is known for – providing the beef access to the necessary provisions such as grains in this instance is an ethical choice.

What is pasture-raised beef and pasture-raised lamb?

Pasture-raised beef is sourced from Australian cattle; cattle that are bred and raised outdoors in open fields, making use of the pastures provided for them.
Pasture-raised Lamb is sourced from 100% Australian lamb; lamb that are bred and raised outdoors in open fields, making use of the pastures provided for them.
Pasture-raised means that animals get a significant portion of their nutrition this way.

How is pasture-raised beef or lamb different to grass fed?

Grass-fed links to what the animal eats (grass). Pasture-raised links to where the animal eats (a pasture).

Is pasture-raised cow automatically a grass-fed cow?

A pasture-raised cow might be fed grain by a farmer, especially in the winter if the farm is in a cold climate where snow covers the pasture. That said, a pasture-raised cow can certainly be grass-fed, but only if its diet for most of its life was grass. Maintaining animal welfare during difficult times such as drought and floods is of upmost importance. In these times, it may be necessary for the animals to be fed grains.

Is a grass-fed cow automatically a pasture-raised cow?

Not always, as a cow can be housed indoors all its life and be fed grass (in the form of hay). Although most cows that are marketed as grass-fed spent a significant time outside on pasture.

Why do you use ethically sourced meat?

All of our meats are either grass-fed (beef and lamb), RSPCA Approved chicken or RSPCA Approved turkey. Our fish and fish oil are wild-caught through sustainable fishing practices. Not only does this ensure the animals are treated ethically, but these meats also provide superior nutrition for your pet. Grass-fed and roam-free meats have less fat and are richer in nutrients compared to their grain-fed counterparts. Not to mention, they contain a higher ratio of omega 3 – omega 6, which reduces cellular inflammation and protects your dog from diseases like cancer.

Do you use feed lots?

No, we do not source cattle that has been associated with feed lot.

What is meant by ethically sourced kangaroo?

We partner with landowners to preserve native habitats and agricultural land by ethically harvesting Australian wild game. Professional game harvesters' access landowners' properties using state-of-the-art infrared cameras and drones to identify the location of kangaroo populations without alerting their attention. Healthy animals are selected at a distance and harvested with a single head-shot from a suppressed rifle. Harvested animals are inspected in the field to ensure that they are free from disease. The meat is then transported to our processing facility under full inspection. Wild game never suffers captivity, live transport or abattoirs. They are free range animals, 100% antibiotic and hormone free, and are harvested in a humane way.

Why should I choose products with the RSPCA Approved certification?

The RSPCA is committed to improving the welfare of
millions of farm animals across Australia. One of the most tangible ways they
do this is through the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme. Products with RSPCA
Approved certification come from farms that have met the RSPCA’s detailed
animal welfare standards, and complied with their frequent and robust
assessment and certification process. For meat chicken and turkey farms this
means 2-4 farm assessments a year, as well as annual assessment of the
processing plant. On top of this the Scheme has strict traceability
requirements, meaning that products can be traced from point of sale through to
the farm.  

What is higher welfare food?

Higher welfare food, also referred to as ‘humane food’, is meat, eggs and dairy that have come from animals farmed to higher welfare standards. There are common practices in farming that don’t meet the animals’ needs but which are not illegal, e.g. housing hens in battery cages and confining mother pigs in stalls and farrowing crates. Supporting higher welfare farming means choosing food that comes from farms where animal welfare is a priority. By choosing products farmed to higher welfare standards and supporting farming practices that prioritise animal welfare, we can all make a positive difference to the way farm animals are treated.

What is RSPCA Approved Chicken?

It means products have come from farms where animals are raised with a focus on animal welfare.
Chickens on RSPCA Approved farms are encouraged to be active with more space to move, good lighting, perches, pecking materials and dry litter covering the floor.

Find out more on RSPCA
Approved Farming Scheme

Does OPEN PADDOCK meet AAFCO standards?

Yes, all our Kibble+ recipes are formulated to meet the Nutritional Levels established by AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for all life stages. Our treats are meant as a complimentary food.

Where can I buy this product?

Each product page within the OPEN PADDOCK site has a ‘buy now’ link to make it easy for you to purchase.
If you cannot find OPEN PADDOCK in your local Woolworths store, please call 1800 628 838 and we will endeavour to help.

Can I request a sample?

From time to time, we have promotional samples available for give away. If samples are available, it will be communicated on the website or socials. Please take a moment to subscribe so we can communicate when they are available.

Can I return the product if I’m not satisfied?

The enjoyment of our products is important. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, we want to hear from you. Please contact us on 1800 628 838.

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